Base building made easy

Scale your outreach while getting the info you need to make every message count

Grow your list with keywords and forms

Keyword Opt-ins

Create an unlimited set of keywords to kick off conversations

Form Integrations

Send personal welcome and thank you’s when a supporter submits a form 

Automate your outreach

Broadcast interactive flows

Collect data, ask questions, and make announcements

Automate follow-ups

Create drip message flows to keep supporters engaged over time

Schedule sends

Schedule your messages across timezones

Powerful AI built right-in

Natural language processing

Keep English and Spanish auto-responses custom to each supporter

Data mapping

Neatly parse for the supporter info you need and funnel data from integrated forms into your Members list

Dynamic fields

Personalize your broadcasts to make every message engaging

Drive your list to action

New call-to-action

People power your messages

New call-to-action