People power your messages

Direct message your supporters in an easy-to-use inbox experience

Focus your team for the greatest impact

Turn broadcasts into personal conversations

Convert automated messaging flows into peer-to-peer style conversations in the Strive Inbox.

Organizer assignments

Assign chats to team members or volunteers to keep conversations focused.

Validation messages

When supporters need help, conversations are flagged for your team.

Automate your organizer assignments

Streamline your support by assigning groups to team members or volunteers.

  • Geotagging lets you organize assignments by chapter, city, or ZIP code.
  • Language groups connect supporters with the right team members.
  • Use action type groups so your supporters get the resources they need.

Send DM's, get updates

Stay organized

Resolve conversations and quickly access messages that need response

Alerts and notifications

Know when a message needs response in real-time so you’re always ready in key moments.

Conversation history

View your supporters’ messaging and call history so any volunteer can quickly plug-in.

Base building made easy

New call-to-action

Drive your list to action

New call-to-action