3 Ways to Grow Your Mobile List: ROC United's Strategy

Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC United) is a non-profit organization fighting to improve the wages and conditions of the nation’s restaurant workforce.

ROC United wanted to grow their list of restaurant workers with mobile messaging. To understand how supporters wanted to get involved, route them to the right chapters while capturing this data in their Every Action account, ROC United needed a powerful messaging tool built for organizing. Strive was a perfect fit for their mobile strategy.

In 4 months ROC United grew their list by 33%.
Restaurant workers comprised 86% of that growth.

Here's how ROC United is growing their list with Strive:

1.) Trigger Custom Messaging Flows with Facebook Lead Ads

ROC United syncs Strive automated messaging flows with Facebook Lead Ads. Look-alike audiences target leads like potential restaurant workers and allies. When a lead interacts with their ad, a conversation on Strive is triggered. 

Automated messaging flows are customized by audience type, allowing ROC United to focus their questions and direct new supporters to the right organizers. Data parsed from messaging flows feed into Facebook Lead ads to constantly improve these look-alike audiences. Supporter data automatically integrates with ROC United’s EveryAction account in real-time.

2.) Target Asks with Groups and Geotagging

Groups allow you to target your messages by location and expressed interests. New ROC United supporters are automatically organized into groups by their zip code and action type info. Each group is assigned to an organizer, based on their location. Using Strive geotagging, ROC United targets messages to members that live within a 100-mile radius of a specific zip code.

3.) Minimize Automation, Maximize Conversation with the Strive Inbox

While ROC United needed powerful automation and integration capabilities, they also needed the flexibility to have one-on-one conversations with their supporters. Strive’s peer-to-peer messaging features and user-friendly inbox experience makes it easy to chat with supporters. With Strive, you can automate the simple stuff, like collecting supporter info so that your organizers can focus on building relationships and providing support.

“I chose Strive because it is built for organizing. I approached the Strive team with a specific strategy and they helped me use messaging to make ROC United's vision come to life.”

Larry Swetman
ROC United Digital Platforms and New Media Manager

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