How Texting Automations Can Grow Your Movement

One of the most frequent pain points in digital organizing and mobile advocacy is texting automations. The reason? Enterprise marketing platforms are complicated, forcing you to string together features created for commercial use. That's why we built Strive, a platform made for movements. With Strive you can automate your growth and collect key data, without sacrificing genuine relationship building.  

Here are 4 ways you can use Strive to automate your growth:

1.) Build a supporter profile with automated messaging flows

With Strive you can parse incoming messages for the data you’re looking for, map it into your Members list, and build supporter profiles. Collect first and last names, email addresses, zip codes, language preferences, and more.

Data is automatically synced into your members list

Automated flows can handle simple exchanges or lengthy chats. Our natural language processing capabilities and conditional logic can accept synonyms and won't get confused with conversational responses.  

Strive’s organizer-friendly Members list arranges your data in an editable, excel-style table. Export your list at any time, or integrate your flows with other organizing tools like Every Action and Action Network.

2.) Customize your flows by audience

Route supporters into flows based on their responses. You can start a flow by asking a supporter whether they would prefer English or Spanish, how they would like to get involved, or which updates they'd like to receive. With automated flows, you can quickly drill down with targeted questions, making your chats with supporters conversational, dynamic, and focused.

Customize your chats based on supporter responses
3.) Automate conversation handoffs

Some conversations need a personalized approach. With Strive, you can automate organizer assignments and connect supporters with the right members of your team.

If a supporter gets stuck in an automated flow, validation messages will ask the supporter to clarify. If they need additional help, Strive will notify your organizers or volunteers and hand off those conversations based on your preferences.

To notify members of your team of support needs, you can assign them keywords like ASSIST or AYUDA.

4.) Schedule targeted follow-ups

Automate and schedule follow-ups to help supporters stick to commitments. Use your data to target messages based on location, click-through rate, or volunteer interests.

If a supporter clicks your link but does not fill out your form, you can schedule a custom reminder. If a supporter signs up to phone bank, you can automate a follow-up response with custom info related to their area.

Assign supporters to groups, assign groups to organizers

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