How Texting Keeps Communities Safe During ICE Raids

Siembra NC, a grassroots group of undocumented Latinx residents in North Carolina, work every day to defend their neighbors from deportation, wage theft, and discrimination. A key component of their work has been alerting members to ICE raids. Strive has been an essential tool for Siembra to connect with their community, rapidly respond during key moments, and build relationships with their supporters.

Custom Flows

Using Strive’s Automated Messaging Flows, Siembra automated the collection of key data from their members in their preferred language. Members texted the keyword “Siembra”  into Siembra’s campaign phone number, triggering an automated messaging flow that collects names, zip-codes, and email addresses. 

Within the first 72 hours, Siembra NC's list grew 4X

Unlike other texting tools, Strive’s messaging flows parse through incoming messages and map data into your Members List. If a member does not answer a question, a validation message automatically asks the member to confirm their responses. 

Use Validation Messages to make sure you get the right data, in every conversation
Targeting Broadcasts Based On Location 

The organization targeted their alerts to members in specific areas using the Strive automated tagging feature. Members could request to receive ICE alerts for multiple counties across North Carolina. Thousands of incoming messages were automatically tagged according to the counties named.

Personal Touch At Scale

While automation drastically reduced the workload of Siembra NC’s staff, some conversations still needed a hands-on approach.

Using Strive’s peer-to-peer style inbox, Siembra assigned conversations to the closest regional organizer. Those organizers receive a notification when one of their members texted into the campaign with a question or need help after an unsuccessful validation message.

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