Scheduling SMS Reminders Just Got Easier

With our powerful duo of new features, repeating broadcasts & dynamic groups, campaigns can schedule a series of reminders to dynamic segments of their list.

Schedule a repeating broadcast once and easily track and monitor performance as your broadcast sends over time. Build audiences that dynamically suppress segments in your list, send custom messages using dynamic fields, and watch your outreach drive action!

Schedule reminders to RSVP for an event:

Remind members to reserve their spot for an upcoming event or meeting. In the example below, anyone who has already RSVPed or indicated they would not be interested in attending will be automatically excluded.

Schedule a series of reminders for voter registration deadlines:

Alert members to an upcoming registration deadline and, easily connect them with resources specific to their area. In the example below, anyone who is registered to vote will automatically be excluded from future reminders.

Schedule a join date anniversary message:

Let your members know when it has been a year since they joined your list! Thank them for their support and toast to the year ahead! The example below will send a message daily to anyone whose join date was 365 days ago. Coming soon!

Ready to get started? Learn more about building dynamic groups and repeating scheduled broadcasts for your reminders!

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