The Power of Storytelling: Why a Single Message Can Drive Action

ACCE Action is a member-led organization committed to empowering everyday Californians, neighborhood by neighborhood. Their grassroots organizing advocates for victims of unjust evictions and rent gouging. ACCE needed a tool that could allow them to organize across the state while still maintaining a hands-on approach. Enter Strive Digital, a messaging platform built for movements. 

ACCE Action mobilized their base by broadcasting stories of fellow renters.  

Stories like Marisa’s, an ACCE Sacramento member who’s family is facing an unfair and no-cause eviction, saw a 28% click-thru rate and 18% response rate.

Many members followed through with ACCE’s ask to file complaints with property management companies, call local representatives, sign petitions, and more. Discover how Strive is fueling their impact: 

Regional Admin and Local Organizer Accounts

Strive makes it easy to delegate conversations by groups, zip codes, or action types to members of your team. At ACCE Action, each office has its own Strive campaign with a local area code number and a custom keyword they can invite their supporters to text into. Every ACCE office can manage their tagging, segmentation, and mobile tactics in a way that works best for their regional team. 

ACCE adds their neighborhood leaders as “Organizers” so they can hold one-on-one conversations with their members in the Strive inbox.

Assign your organizers to campaigns, zip codes, actions types and more
Targeting Super Supporters

ACCE sends targeted calls to action, like petition signing or canvassing shifts, to members who have made similar commitments before. You can also target members based on their all-time response and click-thru rates. Insights like these make every broadcast more effective. With Strive, you have the power to build a mobile strategy that drives action.

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