4 Dynamic Group Ideas Every Campaign Should Try

Dynamic groups are the new way to segment your list using your member data. Whether you’re using dynamic groups for broadcasting or filtering reports, campaigns can access real-time, ever-evolving groups that adapt organically to audience changes.

Dynamic groups automatically add and remove members to meet your filter criteria. Strive refreshes dynamic groups nightly and every time the group is used as a broadcast audience. Dynamic groups can also be refreshed with the push of a button – so the latest results are accessible no matter the time of day.

The options for how you create your dynamic groups are endless using your core and custom data. Here are 4 dynamic group ideas to get you started:

1. Build dynamic groups based on location

Use zip code filters to create dynamic groups of members in specific geolocations. Strive zip code filtering can include members in a specific zip code or radius around a zip code.

Members are automatically added when their geolocation matches your filter, or removed if their location changes.

2. Create dynamic groups with advanced filters

Advanced filters can narrow down member activity by date or source. For example, members who clicked a link in your welcome flow or members who made a call in the last 2 weeks.

Advanced filters are available in the Members List for click and call activity, as well as data for messages sent. They can be combined with regular filter conditions using AND or OR logic.

With dynamic groups + advanced filters, campaigns can automate their ladder of engagement strategy and align outreach based on actions taken. Use these groups to quickly schedule reminders or target asks.

3. Use your custom field data for dynamic groups

Tap into your custom data to create cohorts of members that are fully tailored to your advocacy work.

Custom fields give you the flexibility to track and validate data that is unique to your campaign. Filtering is optimized based on the custom field’s data type (text, number, date, currency, boolean, single select, multi-select) so your team can easily create segments of members.

4. Suppress members who have completed actions or received messages

Easily space your asks out, and ensure you don't repeat an ask too soon. Create dynamic groups to segment and suppress certain members who have completed actions like clicking a link or making a call.

Have the peace of mind that a broadcast will never be sent to the same member twice by creating dynamic groups that automatically suppress members who have already received or engaged with a message series.

In the example below, the campaign segmented out members who have already taken action. The dynamic group includes those who have expressed interest in taking action but haven't taken action in the last 30 days.

Tip: Any of these dynamic groups can be Access groups for the Inbox. Make your Access groups dynamic so organizers are matched to members using the latest data!

Watch your groups grow and change

With Strive, campaigns can access a complete history of their dynamic group data. Review/export current members and change logs to track when and how your groups change over time. Optionally you can manually refresh your dynamic group directly from the Groups detail pane to access the latest data.

Ready to get started? Check out our how-to article or schedule a demo to learn more!

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