A/B Tests: Discover what works best with your supporters

Introducing Strive’s newest broadcast feature: A/B Testing!

Understand what messaging performs best for your advocacy by testing messages among a randomly split audience from your list. With A/B reports, compare metrics like click rate and response rate. A/B tests can test one version of a message against another, or three versions (or more) with multivariate tests.

This powerful new feature gives insight into what messaging resonates with your supporters, so you can use the winning strategy in future outreach.  Here is how to use A/B testing to start refining your next broadcast:

Step 1: Build your A/B testing audience

Create your A/B audience from the Members list. Apply Advanced Filters to see engagement by source or date and add your audience to a group so they can be quickly targeted from the Broadcast page.

Note: Don’t worry about splitting your audience yet, Strive will create random subsets of your audience based on your A/B split preferences in step 3.

Step 2: Create versions of messages to test

Create variations of messages from the Flows page, or directly from the Broadcast page. Test things like link placement, SMS vs. MMS, or message length.

Tip: Test one variable at a time so it is easy to understand why one message performed better than another. For example, if you are testing whether your message performs best with an image attachment or without, keep the text portion of your message the same.

Step 3: Plug in your audience and message

Now it's time to bring your messages and audience together. Go to the Broadcast page and toggle A/B Testing to ON. Select the audience you created in step 1. Next, select the flows built in step 2 in the A/B message tabs.

Tip: To make your test multivariate, click the + tab to add additional versions.

Step 4: Split your audience

By default, Strive will split your audience up as evenly as possible. Modify how the audience is divided by version. Strive will randomly divide your full audience into segments for each version.

Tip: Split your audience up into even segments so it is easier to identify which message is performing better.

Step 5: Send and review your results

When it is time to send your A/B broadcast, you can quickly navigate to Reports to monitor send progress and results. Alternatively, you can schedule your A/B broadcast for a specific time, or by rolling time zone.

A/B reports display message performance to compare side by side, along with a detailed report on the message version’s individual performance.

Use insights for future messaging:

Take the guesswork out of building an SMS strategy. With A/B testing, you can identify ways to craft messaging that results in more clicks, calls, and responses!

Ready to get started? Check out our how-to guide for A/B testing or schedule a demo to learn more!

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