Announcing Powerful Broadcast Improvements

Progressive campaigns and nonprofits need fast, reliable, and flexible broadcasting for urgent and time-sensitive outreach. We’ve released new broadcast capabilities to empower your base building efforts. Learn more about our latest features:

The fastest send speeds in the universe

With Strive, short codes can send over one million messages per hour - 7 times the speed of other broadcast platforms. Send full list broadcasts at key moments to activate or alert your base, no matter how large your list is.

Whether it is election day or Giving Tuesday, Strive sends messages at consistently fast send speeds to reach your supporters when you need to.

Unlike other tools, Strive's fast and reliable send speeds mean you can scale your rapid response outreach, while growing your base of supporters. Learn more about available send speeds with Strive.

Create custom quiet hours for broadcasts

Time-sensitive sends have more flexibility with Strive’s new quiet hours feature. With quiet hours you can ensure your messages arrive at the right time, every time – no matter where your audience members are located.

Quiet hours are periods of time when you should not message supporters. By default, broadcasts pause during quiet hours from 8pm-9am in the member’s time zone to ensure TCPA and CTIA compliance.

Now you can set custom quiet hours for your broadcasts. Depending on your use-case, you have the option of resuming the broadcast in time zones when quiet hours end, or canceling the broadcast for remaining audience members when quiet hours start.

To cancel any remaining sends when quiet hours start, uncheck Resume sending in location(s) where quiet hours have ended. To turn off the quiet hours feature, toggle Respect Quiet Hours in Broadcast Advanced settings. Learn more about quiet hours.

Slow your broadcast when you need to

For certain use cases, such as call tool actions to a single target or P2P efforts, it may be helpful to expand your broadcasting period. By expanding your broadcast period you can ensure staff have a manageable stream of Inbox replies throughout the day and call actions are not made all at once.

To adjust your broadcast’s sending period, click Broadcast Advanced Options from the preview screen and click the + icon next to your broadcast’s estimated sending period to expand your send time. Learn more

Want to learn more about Strive's broadcasting capabilities? Schedule a demo!

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