5 Ways to Collect SMS Opt-ins

As a broadcast SMS tool, you can message your whole list interactive flows with a single click. If you are transitioning from a peer-to-peer tool, or simply looking to grow your list, it is important to have opt-in paths that are clear and compliant with TCPA laws and CTIA regulations.

Strong opt-in paths are clear and optional. Supporters should understand they are subscribing to SMS from your organization/campaign. Once a member subscribes, it is important to have some form of documentation of their opt-in for your records.

Collecting opt-ins shouldn't be complicated! We’ve put together 5 ways to collect opt-ins, grow your list, and engage new members.

1. Keywords

Members can opt-in to your campaign directly using keywords. Advertise keywords on your website, share them on social media, or announce them at an event. We love keywords because they make tracking opt-in documentation simple, since conversation history for each member is saved in the Inbox.

Keywords can be assigned to flows via Automations. When a supporter messages in your keyword they trigger your assigned flow. A flow can collect info, ask questions, or simply welcome and thank your new member.

2. Web Forms

With web forms, you can simultaneously collect opt-ins while supporters are completing an action, like signing a petition. Sync webforms using Strive’s suite of Integrations, including ActBlue, EveryAction, ActionNetwork, and Facebook Lead Ads.

With Form Automations, you can assign synced webforms to flows by audience (new member, existing member, or any member). When a supporter submits a form you can thank them or welcome them with a custom, interactive SMS flow.

3. Relational

Ask your list of members to invite their friends to opt-in or link a webform that your members can share. You can quickly broadcast to your whole list or segments of your list. Dedicate a keyword to your relational organizing efforts, or by issue area.

4. Call Numbers

Strive’s call tool can patch non-subscribed cold callers to targets – and collect opt-ins. With Strive’s Non-subscriber SMS follow up Message, cold callers will automatically receive a text when their call is complete. This text can include an ask to reply with an opt-in keyword. Call targets can include US and state representatives or custom targets, like a local mayor or corporate officer.

Similar to your campaign number and keywords, you can advertise your call number across your digital channels.

5. IRL

Gather opt-ins in person. If you are canvassing, collecting signatures at an event, include an SMS opt-in checkbox on your physical sign-up form. From there, upload your new members directly to Strive via CSV import. Once your members have been imported you can start broadcasting!

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