Integrations: Automate Outreach and Boost Engagement

With Strive, you can harmonize your digital organizing efforts with our suite of integration capabilities. Strive integrates with your EveryAction, ActBlue, Action Network and Facebook forms, so you can sync your contacts and automate broadcasts. With Integration Automations you can trigger simple or interactive messages when a supporter submits a form.

Integration Automations aren't complicated– but they can be daunting if you’re building them for the first time. We put together 3 ways to jumpstart your Integration Automations and boost your form conversions.

Keep your forms simple

Whether you're collecting signatures with an EveryAction Online Action form, or donations with ActBlue, you’ll always want to ask for first name, mobile number, and opt-in. Everything else is optional, or collectable via SMS flows.

We recommend keeping your forms simple so that supporters can quickly opt-in. From there, a well-crafted flow can interact with your new member conversationally while collecting the info you need.

Align the audience with the Automation

Strive Automations let you trigger SMS flows when a supporter submits a form. We recommend that you add conditions to your Automations by audience type: new or existing.

Cater your SMS flows based on audience type. For example say "Welcome!" to new members who are interacting with your campaign for the first time or say "Thanks!" to existing members who are already engaged.

These automations are custom by audience: new vs. existing
Tip: You can also route members to custom flows based on their responses.

Track incoming members

Groups can track where, when, and how you are growing. With Strive Automations, you can automatically add new members to groups when they submit your form. This means you can track the form type, form name, and issue area of incoming members.

Groups are an easy way to filter and segment your members list, reports, or inbox.

Tip: Your automated flow can also add members to groups based on response. Track language preferences, survey responses, or volunteer interests. Then use that data to inform future broadcasts.
Want to learn more about Integration Automations? Check our our Integrations case study!

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