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Strive call numbers are a great way to grow your SMS list and collect opt-ins. To streamline advocacy over the phone, we've developed features to empower cold callers to participate. Whether you are patching calls to legislators or custom targets, non-subscribed supporters can opt-in directly after their call is complete.

Collecting opt-ins from cold callers doesn't have to be daunting. If you want to grow your list with Strive call numbers, follow these 3 steps to maximize impact:

1. Share your call number

Share your call number and have new supporters call in to participate. While the channels and methods for advertising your call number are entirely up to you, the ask should always be clear. Just like CTA’s for joining your SMS list, always include your call number.

In this tweet, Wifi for Chicago includes their call number so supporters know how to get involved

2. Upload a default audio welcome message

Strive gives you the flexibility to add a Default Audio Welcome Message to greet cold callers and a custom audio welcome message to greet members interacting with a flow. Default audio messages are a great way to welcome new supporters vs. custom audio welcome messages, where you can cater your greeting to the specific issue area of your flow.

When a non-subscribed supporter calls your call number directly they will hear your Default Audio Welcome Message. Your Default Audio Welcome message can welcome the caller, provide key talking points, and outline next steps before patching them through. To add a Default Audio Welcome Message go to the Call Numbers page and click Edit next to your call number.

3. Configure advanced options

With advanced options you can add custom zip code and opt-in prompts for cold callers. To configure advanced options click Edit next to your call number and select Show Advanced Options via the Overview page.

Prompt for zip code

If you plan to route calls to legislators based on the caller’s voting address, ask your new supporter for their zip code. With a Zip Code Prompt, you can ask the member directly on the call using IVR (interactive voice response) to enter the zip code of their voting address. Strive will prompt them to enter their zip code before patching them through to their matched legislator. Learn more about Strive’s matching logic.

Tip: When composing your Zip Code Prompt, make sure to clearly direct the caller to enter their zip code.
Ask for opt-in

If a supporter is willing to complete an action, like making a call to their legislator, they may be interested in subscribing for SMS updates to stay involved. Because cold callers can participate even if they are not subscribed to your SMS campaign, you have the opportunity to ask for SMS opt-in directly after the call is complete.

By composing a Non-Subscriber Follow Up Message Strive will send a follow up SMS message from your campaign number asking for opt-in.

When composing your message we recommend using a keyword automation to obtain opt-in.

Ready to get started? Learn more about Call Numbers.

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