Announcing Our New P2P Inbox Features

With Strive you can run P2P-style outreach, while harnessing the power of automated broadcast messaging. Over the last few weeks we've released new features across the platform to optimize sending direct messages in the Inbox. Check out what’s new:


Assign conversations

As your team is chatting with members, conversation assignments keep your Inbox neat and tidy. Access your assigned conversations via the My Assigned Folder.

Once a conversation is assigned to an organizer, other organizers will not be able to reply to the member until the conversation is assigned to them. Filter by conversation assignments and quickly make bulk updates directly via the Inbox. Learn more

Add survey responses

Whether you are recording survey responses or adding a member’s voter info, Strive lets you update member data directly via the inbox. Hold one-on-one conversations, and collect the info you need to guide future outreach.

Now you have the flexibility to hide sensitive member data or grant organizers view/edit access to fields in the Inbox. Create custom data permissions via Managed Users.

Star Conversations

Keep track of important conversations by starring them. Starred conversations are unique to your user account and easy to find by filtering for starred conversations in the Inbox.

You can bulk star or unstar multiple conversations too. Select the members you’d like to update and click Bulk Actions. Admins can filter the Members list by members who they have starred in the Inbox. Learn more.


Automate conversation assignments

Once your broadcast kicks off the conversation, you can reserve organizers and volunteers for meaningful one-on-one conversations with subscribers who finish interacting with your flow. Now you can automate assignments. Whether you’re gearing up for a rapid response moment, or want to hold P2P-style conversations, Strive will automatically designate organizers on your team to respond to members.

To enable this feature, click Inbox Settings in the flow builder. Conversations routed to the Needs Response column of the Inbox will be assigned round robin to any organizer that has Inbox Member Access. Learn more

Manage Users

Inbox Member Access

We're introducing a new and improved way of granting organizers reply access to members in the Inbox. Assign organizers to Inbox Member Access Groups to grant them reply permissions to cohorts of members in your list.

Data Permissions

Hide member fields from organizers, or grant them access to view/edit fields in the Inbox. Assign organizers custom field and groups permissions on the Manage Users page, and update their permissions at any time.

Bulk Invite and Edit users

Quickly onboard new users or update their permissions in bulk. Add multiple Admins or Organizers to your account invites and configure permissions at once. Want to update several users? No problem, select multiple users and click Apply Bulk Action. Learn more

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