Invite Organizers

How to invite and grant permissions to Organizers

How do I get started as an Organizer?

To access an existing campaign as an organizer, you must first be invited.

Who can invite organizers?

Admins can invite organizers via Manage Users. Organizers cannot access the Manage Users page.

How many organizers can I have in my account?

As many as you’d like! There are no user limits for Strive campaigns.

What can organizers access in Strive?

Organizers have limited access to the Inbox page. Organizers can view and reply to members who are a part of Inbox Member Access groups they have been granted access to. Organizers can modify member data, add/remove Group tags, unsubscribe members, assign/unassign conversations and resolve conversations in the Inbox.

Note: Organizers cannot view or edit Inbox Member Access groups.

Access and Permissions

Inbox Member Access:
Grants organizers view/assign/reply permissions to cohorts of your Members list. 

Member Fields:
Create custom view/edit permissions per Member field.

  • View permissions allow organizers to view data in member fields, but not modify or delete this data.
  • Edit permissions allow organizers to add, edit, and delete member field data.

Create a set of custom view/edit user permissions for Groups.  Set permissions for each Member field in your Strive account.

  • View permissions allow organizers to view specific member groups, but not add or remove members from those groups.
  • Edit permissions allow organizers to add or remove members from specific groups

Note: Organizers cannot view or edit Inbox Member Access groups.

What is the difference between Conversation Assignments and Inbox Member Access?

  • Inbox Member Access groups grant access to cohorts of member conversations. Inbox Member Access is set in Manage Users.
  • Conversation Assignments designate certain conversations to people on your team. Once a conversation is assigned to a user (Admin or Organizer) other Organizers cannot reply until the conversation is assigned to them. 

Can I edit an existing organizer’s access?

Yes! Click the ellipses next to the respective user. Once in the user profile, you can update role type and view/edit permissions.

Invite Organizers
  1. Click your name in the top right corner on  any Strive page
  2. Select Manage Users.
  3. Click Add User.
  4. Enter your team member’s email address
    Note: You can bulk invite multiple team members by adding their email addresses in the email field
  5. Select Organizer from the dropdown menu.
  6. Select the Inbox Member Access groups you would like to grant access to.
  7. Select the Member fields you’d like your organizer(s) to view or edit via the Inbox.
  8. Select the Group(s) you’d like the organizer to view of edit via the inbox.
  9. Click Invite.
  10. Your team member(s) will receive an email invitation to create their Strive account.
Troubleshoot Organizer invites

→ I get an error "email must be unique" when I  sign up via the email invite.

Strive only allows one account per email address. If you have an existing account with Strive you cannot use the same email to signup again.

  • If you want to keep your existing account, you will need your admin to invite a different email
  • If you would like to remove your existing account, reach out to
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