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Learn how to sync Action Network forms and petitions into your Strive members list

What can I do with the Action Network integration?

With Strive’s Action Network integration, you can use forms and petitions to grow your members list. When a member signs a form, member info will be automatically added to your Strive members list.

Can I use Action Network forms/petitions to trigger flows in Strive?

Yes! Once you have integrated your Action Network form/petition you can create an integration automation with Strive. With automations, you can trigger flows when a new or existing member fills out a form. Learn more about setting up automations.

Will new members who sign a form/petition be added to Strive?

Yes, new and existing member info will be added to your Strive Members list, including relevant custom fields. Synced forms/petitions will automatically generate a group, titled the same as your Action Network form/petition. Members will be added to this group upon filling out a form.

What types of Action Network forms can I integrate into Strive?

Any petition or form you’d like!

Note: In order for your forms to properly integrate, your Action Network forms must contain:

-A FIRST NAME field, set to required
-A MOBILE field, set to required

More info on form building can be found in Action Network’s knowledge base

How to set up your Action Network integration

In order to set up your Action Network integration, you’ll need your Action Network API Key. 

Find your Action Network API key
  1. In your Action Network account, select Details from the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on API & Sync from the dropdown list.
  3. Under Your API Key in the left hand panel copy the 32 digit code consisting of letters and numbers. 
Add Action Network to Strive
  1. In your Strive account, click on Integrations from the left side panel.
  2. Select Action Network from the integrations options.
  3. Add your Action Network API key.
  1. Click Submit.

Note: It may take 5-15 minutes for existing and newly created forms/petitions to appear in Strive. Try periodically refreshing if you don't see your forms/petitions available to sync right away.

  1. Click Settings. Select if you’d like to begin syncing petitions or forms.
  2. Click the Sync button. Forms and petitions synced will say On! in the Sync column.
  3. Once your form/petition is synced, members who sign your form will be added to your members list. Synced forms/petitions will automatically generate a group in Strive, titled the same as your Action Network form/petition.
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