Invite Admins

Invite your team to broadcast messages, build flows, and more

How do I get started as an Admin?

To access an existing campaign as an admin, you must first be invited.

Who can invite Admins?

Only an existing admin in the account can invite other admins.

How many Admins can I have in my account?

As many as you’d like! Strive accounts host an unlimited number of users, at no extra cost.

What can Admins access in Strive?

Admins can access all features and functions. Admins can see all pages within campaigns associated with your account.

Can I edit an existing admin’s access?

Yes! Click the ellipses (...) next to the respective user and click Edit. In the user’s profile, you can update their role type.

Invite Admins
  1. Click your name in the top right corner on any Strive page.
  2. Select Manage Users.
  3. Click Add User.
  4. Enter your team member’s email address
    Note: You can bulk invite multiple team members by adding their email addresses in the email field.
  5. Select Admin from the dropdown menu.
  6. Click Invite.
  7. Your team member(s) will receive an email invitation to create their Strive account.
Troubleshoot Admin invites

→ I get an error "email must be unique" when I  sign up via the email invite.

Strive only allows one account per email address. If you have an existing account with Strive you cannot use the same email to signup again.

  • If you want to keep your existing account, you will need your admin to invite a different email
  • If you would like to remove your existing account, reach out to
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