How to create, edit, and delete keywords, and keyword synonyms

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word you assign to your campaign’s phone number that will trigger an auto-response.

  • Use keywords for new members to opt-in. 
  • Use keywords for existing members to join flows by action type.
Example: Use the keyword FIGHT to trigger a welcome auto-response and collect info flow.

Can I use multiple keywords in my campaign?

Yes! Using multiple keywords is a great way to automate different flows with new and existing supporters. 

Can I assign a flow to compliance keywords (HELP, STOP, JOIN)?

No. We create and manage HELP, STOP, and JOIN auto-responses in our backend to ensure these auto-responses meet TCPA and CTIA standards.

What about synonyms?

Add synonyms to keywords to make sure you capture messaging traffic. Synonyms let you assign similar terms to your keyword, so if a member texts in something similar to your keyword, or submits a typo, they won’t miss out on triggering your flow. You can tag your keyword with as many synonyms as you'd like.

Example: Tag your keyword NEW YORK with synonyms like NYNYC, and Empire State. 

How to create keywords 

  1. Click Keywords under Configurations in the left side menu.
  2. Click Add Keyword.
  3. Type in your new keyword and click Create. You should now see your keyword in the keyword table.
  4. Next, assign synonyms to your keyword. Select +Add Synonym and begin tagging your keyword with similar terms. While Strive does not require you to assign synonyms, it is highly recommended.
Tip: Assign a variety of synonyms related to your keyword like common typos, colloquialisms, acronyms, and abbreviations, so you capture the most traffic.
  1. Now you are ready to assign a keyword to a flow!

Note: An unassigned keyword will trigger your default automation for new members only — existing members will not receive a response to an unassigned keyword. Learn how to sync keywords with flows.

How to edit and delete keywords

  1. In order to edit a keyword or keyword synonyms, you must delete the existing line in the keyword table and create a new one.

    You cannot delete a keyword that has been previously synced with a flow. In this case, you must delete the automation on the Automations page, before you will be able to delete the associated keyword.
  2. To delete a keyword, click the X under the Actions column on the right hand side.
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