Call Upon Arrival – A New Way to Patch Calls with Keywords

With Strive’s Call Upon Arrival feature, you can quickly patch calls to targets when a supporter texts-in a keyword. Whether you'd like to patch calls to state senators or the local mayor, Call Upon Arrival will trigger a call automatically – skipping a text prompt so the supporter can get to calling.

Learn how to use this powerful feature to mobilize your base!

Define your Call to Action

First, create a keyword.  Keywords that are memorable, shareable, and easy to spell are more likely to drive action across your base.

Next, create a CTA “call to action” to share alongside your keyword. The CTA should include your call number and keyword. This is a great opportunity to let your supporter know who they are calling, and why it matters.

Wifi for Chicago included their keyword "WIFI" and campaign phone number "55677"

Build your flow

Create a single step flow using a Patch A Call bot action. In your bot action, select the pre-configured call number. Note: call numbers are configured via the Call Numbers page.

Tip: If you plan to patch callers to US or state representatives, add a collect info bot action asking for zip code first. Set Check and Collect on your collect info bot action to only ask members for zip code who do not have this data already saved.

Click Advanced Settings and check the Call Upon Arrival box. With the Call Upon Arrival feature, no copy is needed in the compose window. As soon as a member reaches this step they will be called by your call number. Test your flow via the Test your Bot window.

Tip: Include a custom audio message to greet your caller and provide key talking points. The audio message will play before the call is patched to your target.

Create your Automation

Assign the keyword to your flow via Automations. If you are planning to engage new and existing members, select any member from the audience drop down.

Tip: To track which channels are generating growth, create a group sharing the same name as the channel. Members will be added to the group upon triggering the automation.

Once your automation is live, share your keyword to drive action! Supporters who text-in your keyword will receive a call, patching them through to your configured target.

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