Maximize Your Impact With the ActionKit Integration

Our team is constantly inspired by the tireless efforts and victories of the progressive movement. As campaigns regroup and set their sights for 2024, we’re excited to share our contribution to the fight ahead.

Introducing our newest integration with ActionKit - designed to empower advocacy to engage their users with SMS. Strive’s Actionkit integration makes it easy to sync your users with members, trigger SMS messages when users take action on a page, and build groups using your ActionKit data.

This feature-packed integration is fully customizable, so campaigns can leverage their ActionKit data based on their strategic needs. Explore the capabilities of this game-changing integration in our latest feature release!

Fine-Tune Your User Sync

Sync users with members and set custom sync behavior between each of your core fields / custom fields (userfields). Our field sync options give you complete control over how your member and user data sync.

Our integration makes it easy to understand the sync status of each user, directly from the user tab. When you connect your accounts, Strive will create a primary ActionKit Group. This group will automatically sync members added back to ActionKit, so you can control when new user records are created at scale.

Sync Pages, Actions, and Usergroups

Sync ActionKit Pages, and use them in your Automations. When users take action on a page, Strive can automatically trigger an interactive SMS flow to their mobile device. With Strive, campaigns can thank existing members and welcome new ones who take action on a page, using automation triggers.

If the user doesnt exist as a member, Strive will create a record. Any updates to pre-synced users/members can be pulled into your list, based on your sync settings.

Leverage your ActionKit usergroups when it is time to segment your list and target broadcasts. Quickly sync ActionKit Usergroups in Strive from the Usergroups tab and use them as broadcast audiences or in your group filters.

Create Actionfield Groups in Your Members List

Build custom Strive groups using your Actionfield data. From the Actionfield Groups tab, campaigns can create groups using an Actionfield on a synced Page. Optionally, campaigns can limit who is added to the group by entering an Actionfield value. Strive will create a group with any synced members/users who have a value for the Page’s Actionfield. If a Actionfield value is included, only members who have that specific value will be a part of the group.

Just like synced Usergroups in Strive, Actionfield Groups can be used as broadcast audiences and list filters. Harness the power of your Actionfield data directly from Strive’s integrations page, as you build groups for outreach and segmentation.

Want to get started? Check out our How-To guide, or schedule a demo to learn more!

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