SMS Information Hubs: Deliver Personalized Resources at Scale

As we near the 2024 election cycle, team Strive is working hard to deploy cutting-edge features to fuel your advocacy and GOTV efforts. Our newest addition to Flows – Response Lookup bot actions – can intake thousands of unique responses and reply with a custom message depending on variables like the member’s location.

Ways to use Response Lookups:

• Direct members to their nearest polling place by zip code
• Provide voter registration updates by state
• Calculate a member’s eligibility for government programs
• Help members connect with their local chapter
• Reply with a statistic that occurred in a specific year
• Share a “report card” for specific companies or representatives

And more!

Supporters are much more likely to engage with campaigns that offer resources, like finding your nearest polling place. With Strive, campaigns can serve as an information hub while creatively engaging their supporters with dynamic content. Grow, mobilize, and empower your base with this exciting new feature!

Write your prompt

Response Lookup bot actions will first prompt your supporter with a question. Like Ask a Question and Collect info bot actions, your prompt should communicate how you’d like supporters to respond.

Intake thousands of responses

With Response lookups, campaigns can parse thousands of unique responses from members and reply with a custom message. A response lookup bot action can reroute members to flows, add them to groups, and make custom calculations based on response.

To get started, create a spreadsheet that includes the words and phrases you’d like to capture along with their success messages. In the examples below, the campaign created a “Response to Capture” column including all of the possible responses and synonyms (separated by a comma). Adjacent is the “Success message” column where the campaign has the associated message they’d like to send by row. Your success message can include things like emojis and dynamic fields.

Import your data

Quickly import your CSV of Responses and Success Messages. Strive stores imports in a user-friendly table so you can see your import history and replace data files without having to update each flow. Importing a response lookup file only requires a Response to Capture and Success Message column. Reroutes, groups, and calculations are optional, making it easy to quickly get started.

Make custom calculations based on response

Response lookups can map a member’s response and/or custom data to the member’s fields. Optionally, use this data in your success message as a dynamic field!

In the example below, the campaign wanted to map the nearest polling place address to a separate custom field, so they could use the data for segmenting future audiences. To make writing out each success message easier, the campaign also used the data as a dynamic field.

Map multiple calculations to custom and core fields directly from the flow builder.

Check and collect data

If you are collecting data you can skip asking members for data you already have saved. With the check and collect feature, members who do not have the data saved will receive your prompt. If a member already has data saved in the field, they skip your prompt and immediately receive your success message.

Allow members to keep engaging

Optionally, members can repeat the bot action, if you’d like to allow them to engage with your prompt multiple times. Make sure you include a prompt in your success message letting supporters know they can repeat the bot action by submitting another response.

The bot action will continue to repeat for up to 30 days OR until another broadcast is sent to the member.


Like Collect Info bot actions, Response Lookup bot actions can validate core and custom data. For custom fields, Strive will validate responses based on the data type set for the custom field.

Example: if you are saving responses to a boolean field (true/false data), Strive will only accept variations of True/False, Yes/No, T/F, Y/N.

Validations standardize your data and prevent members from getting stuck in a flow.  When a member submits an invalid response, Strive will trigger your validation message, prompting them to reply with the response you’re looking for.

If the member sends another invalid response, their conversation will be routed to the inbox and flagged as Needs Response.

The power of Strive AI

Response Lookup bot actions can identify a “response to capture” in a larger phrase or sentence. AI can sort through common misspellings and words of similar meaning for matches in your member’s incoming messages. Natural language processing makes automated conversations feel more natural – and less like talking to a bot.

In the example below, Strive AI is able to recognize the member is interested in first learning about Maine (ME), and then Indiana (IN) based on the sentence structure.

Expand your engagement capabilities, from GOTV efforts to helping supporters connect with resources. To learn more, check out our how-to guide or schedule a demo with a member of our team!

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