Stop SMS Response Drop Off: Collect Address Data in a Single Flow Step

Instead of collecting each piece of a member’s address separately, ask the member to provide their full address at once in a single response.

Strive’s interactive chatbots can parse and map a member’s full address to their record, including street address, city, state, and zip in a single message response. Now campaigns can consolidate back and forth between supporters, while collecting key address data for advocacy and targeted outreach.

Collecting and Mapping Address Data

To collect a member’s full address, select Full Address from the What are you collecting? dropdown, then select Street Address, City, State, and Zip from the Save Results in Field dropdown.

Next, compose a message prompt, asking for your member to reply with their full address. To make sure your audience understands how to reply, provide a sample address that they can follow.

Check out our step by step guide for collecting full address.

Tip: Look for opportunities to combine simple message bot actions with your collect info bot actions. In the example above the campaign combined their welcome message with their collect info prompt.

Validating Address Data

Strive will attempt to validate any address data included in a member’s response. Sometimes, a member may not reply with a full address, an invalid address, or misspelled address. In these instances, Strive will automatically prompt the member to reply again, noting why the full address could not be recognized, and provides an example address (123 Main St, NY, NY 10025) so that the member understands what info is needed to proceed in the conversation.

If a member continues to reply with invalid data, their conversation is automatically routed to the Inbox so a member of your team can assist them.

Check and Collect

Avoid asking members who already have address data saved by enabling Check and Collect on the bot action. When configured, Strive will only ask members for this info if they do not have it already saved in the Members list.

Auto-populate a member’s Federal District, Senators and Representatives

When address data is saved on the member, Strive automatically populates a member’s Federal District, Federal Senators, and Congressional Representative. Review a member’s matches in the Members list, use this data as dynamic fields to personalize your messaging, or use this data to route calls to elected officials.

Address data can also be used to route members to their Federal and State Representatives using Strive’s patch a call tool.

The best flows are short and sweet 

The more questions you ask, the more likely you’ll see a drop-off in response. Limit your welcome flows to a few steps to capture more traffic, while collecting the address data you need to personalize future outreach.

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