Collect a Subscriber's First and Last Name In A Single Step

Now campaigns can collect and map a member’s first and last name in a single bot action. This powerful new feature uses AI and natural language processing to parse incoming responses and map it to the members’ first and last name field.

By combining the collection of first and last name, you can ask members for this data at once, instead of in multiple steps. Keep your messaging conversational, while making it easy for members to provide the data you need.

Collecting Full Name

Set your collect info message to collect full name and map it to the first and last name fields. When drafting your collect info prompt, make sure you provide a description of what you’d like members to respond with. Example: Thanks for joining our campaign! To get to know you better, please reply with your first and last name.

Parsing and validating responses

Strive uses AI and natural language processing to parse for a member’s first and last name in a larger message. With auto validation, Strive will prompt the member to reply a second time if a full name is not recognized.

Strive’s full name auto validation breaks up the collection into two parts so that campaigns can accurately collect and map data in every conversation. If members repeatedly send in invalid replies, their conversation is routed to the Inbox so a member of your team can assist them.

Ready to get started? Check out our how to guide on setting up collect info bot actions  and managing your member data.

Pssst! Did you know you can also collect full address data at once using the full address collection feature?

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