Mobilize Supporters from Flows to Phone Calls

Broadcast texting is a powerful way to activate your base at scale. With Strive’s call tool, you can patch supporters to Federal and State Legislators, or custom targets.

A seamless way to drive calls is to ask supporters via SMS. But how do you know if your messages will effectively mobilize supporters from flows to phone calls?

We've put together 5 things you should consider when building your flows so that every supporter feels empowered to let their voice be heard!

1. Always collect address before patching your call to Legislators.

If you are connecting callers with their elected US. or State Representatives, collect their address first. Strive attempts to match callers with their elected representative using address and zip code data saved in your Members list.

To get the info you need, add a Collect info bot action to your flows before your Patch a call bot action or configure a Zip code audio prompt for your call number.

The most accurate match can be made with the member's address AND zip code. Depending on your selected targets (for example, a group of US Senators) you may only need to collect zip code for Strive to make an accurate match.

Zip Code Audio prompt

Callers who do not have zip code saved in your Members list will hear this audio message prompting them to enter their zip code before being patched through.

Enable a Zip Code Audio Prompt via the advanced settings on the Call Number Overview page. Learn how to set up a Zip Code Audio Prompt.

If a match cannot be made, the caller will be connected to one of your selected targets at random.

2. Use Check & Collect so you don't have to ask for the same info twice.

For patching calls where you must collect address first, use the Collect Info bot action Check & Collect setting in your flows. When check and collect is configured, Strive will only send collect info flow steps to members who do not have this data saved in your Members list.

With Check & Collect, avoid asking your Members for the same info twice while getting the info you need to match every caller with their elected US Representative!

3. Call supporters or have them call you.

You can kick off a call with Strive in 2 ways: by calling the supporter or having the supporter call in. When composing your SMS call prompt, always include at least one method for your member to kick off a call.

"CALL" will automatically trigger a call if the member is interacting with a flow containing a patch a call bot action. After replying "CALL" your member will get an incoming call from your call number. The keyword "CALL" will not trigger a call outside of a patch a call flow.

4. Use custom audio message greetings to provide your supporters with the info they need.

Audio messages let you share scripts, key talking points, and important info with your caller before they are patched to their Representative. By default, callers will hear the default audio message configured via the Call Numbers page. When building a patch a call bot action, you can upload a custom audio message to greet you caller before they are transferred. This custom audio message will overwrite your default audio message only if a call is placed via your flow.

Default audio greetings are great fall back for cold callers. But for targeted call asks advocating for a specific issue area or legislation, always include a custom audio greeting. This will give you a chance to share pertinent info while helping your caller feel empowered to move forward with the call.

Tip: Put yourself in the supporters shoes by testing your flows!  

5. Follow up with supporters after their call.

Strive will automatically send follow up bot actions once a call is complete. This is a great chance to confirm supporters were connected, ask them how their call went, and thank them for advocating for your cause.

Whether you follow your patch a call bot action with a simple message to say thanks or a Yes/No bot action to ask if callers were connected, always circle back with members after they finish their call.

Ready to get started? Check out our resources on configuring a call number and building flows.

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