New Features: Scale Your Outreach With an Automated Ladder of Engagement

Revolutionizing the way campaigns grow relationships with their base, Strive broadcasting just got a major upgrade! We’re unveiling a duo of game-changing features to redefine how you connect with your audience. Designed to streamline and scale your ladder of engagement efforts, these best-in-class features make scheduling your content calendar easy.

• Dynamic groups: Easily segment your list once, and have your results dynamically refresh throughout the day. Always have the up-to-date segments, and easily suppress members who have completed actions or received messages. Use relative date filters to create dynamic groups, so your results are always responsive to the current date

Learn more about dynamic groups in our in-depth feature release here.

• Schedule recurring broadcasts: Now campaigns can set up a scheduled message once and have the broadcast send based on their desired frequency. Set up a series of reminders, or custom follow-ups based on actions taken or upcoming deadlines.

Send reminders: Easily automate follow-up messages to members about voter registration deadlines or upcoming events. Send follow-up messages to members who didn't respond to a broadcast, click a link, or make a call.  Example: send this reminder every Monday for the next 4 weeks to members who haven't RSVP'ed

Focus Asks: Dynamic group audiences are refreshed each time a repeating scheduled broadcast is sent, giving you an updated set of members automatically. With dynamic groups, campaigns can suppress members from recurring broadcasts that took action, interacted with your flow, or donated in the last 30 days, for example. Ensure that your messages arrive at the right time, every time, and avoid list burnout.

Check out our recent blog post on reoccurring reminders and suppressing audience segments here.

Move supporters up the ladder of engagement: With Strive’s powerful and interactive message capabilities, organizers can queue interactive flows that are custom to a supporter's journey up the ladder of engagement. Build and test your flows directly in Strive to fine-tune your audience’s message experience (no liquid code required!). Mobilize members and deepen connections by automating timely messages based on a member's level of engagement.

Want to automate your ladder of engagement? Schedule a demo to learn more about dynamic groups and repeating scheduled broadcasts!

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